Casinos The Grand Collection is one of the most prominent independent suppliers of exclusive casino offers and customized gambling travel itineraries to the world's most experienced gamblers. We connect our clients to the best casino offers, complimentary privileges, benefits & services at gaming destinations across the United States and internationally.

We have reserved seats on hundreds of flights from dozens of cities across the United States and Canada, including one near you. Reservations being accepted for qualified players.

Our long-term experience in this industry has created a worldwide network of gaming resorts and cruise lines. Working with our partners, we offer our clients an incredible selection of complimentary trips, amenities, and invitations to top-tier special events.

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that we can provide to create a memorable gaming holiday, celebrate an extended weekend, or just relax on a getaway to one of our exciting destinations or onboard some of the world's most luxurious cruise liners.

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The Grand Collection of "On Land" Casinos

Casinos The Grand Collection offers “Very V.I.P” Customized Gaming Departures for your personally selected travel dates to great Gaming Locations including: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Tunica, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Biloxi etc.

The Grand Collection of Cruise Experience & Gaming "At Sea"

Casinos The Grand Collection is here to help with “Very V.I.P.” sailings for your personally selected travel dates to cruise destinations such as: Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, New England, Mexico, Panama Canal, Bahamas, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia and more!

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